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Aby trafić w gusta najbardziej wymagających, zmieniliśmy się w prawdziwie luksusowy punkt usługowy na mapie Warszawy! A więc poznajmy się, krótko i na temat!
AKCYZA-VIP-ZONE VEHICLE REGISTRATION, Insurance Agency, Customs Agency and Translation Bureau | Warsaw | tel. 
503 606 625 | phone 22 37 35 8 00 | phone 791 343 252 | biuro@akcyza.org

Warsaw car excise tax refund and property resettlement, excise tax exemptions for foreigners

1. we will calculate and optimize the excise tax, and register your car even in 24 hours throughout Poland
  • excise duty AKCU/S
  • certified translations of documents
  • technical examination of the vehicle
  • temporary and permanent vehicle registration
  • receipt of registration certificates
  • endorsements in registration certificates
2. refund of overpaid or wrongly collected excise duty

We handle all procedures related to the refund of overpaid or wrongly collected excise tax on any vehicles

3. property resettlement and excise tax exemption
  • Resettlement of property in a fully professional manner (from Switzerland, USA and other countries outside the European Union)
  • excise tax exemption on art. 110 and Art. 111 (for compatriots returning and foreigners from the EU)
4. excise tax refunds to dealers for exported cars.

What other suggestions do we have for our customers?

  • Trucks converted from passenger cars
    We conduct customs proceedings and represent clients before administrative courts in these cases. We have many ideas on how to bring this type of case to a happy conclusion!
  • Determining the correct value of vehicles, determining the year of manufacture
    in these matters, too, we handle the entire process, although we do not hide the fact that it is best to come to us before you submit the first document to customs. It’s easier and cheaper that way.
  • Registration and documentation of vehicles with legal defects
    This applies to cars with any crippled documents. And here we have many ideas on how to carry out such registration!
  • Recovery of lost or destroyed vehicle documents from all over Europe
  • Car imports from outside the European Union (including USA, SWITZERLAND, NORWAY, UAE).
    We handle the entire process including transportation of the vehicle. At each stage, we minimize the cost of customs duties, VAT and excise taxes.

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