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Excise Tax

Have you imported a car from a European Union Country?

Need to file AKC-US declarations and pay excise taxes! We will do it for you in 24 hours! We operate in offices all over the country!

Have you imported a car from outside the EU, but paid taxes at the border and are left with excise taxes alone?

We will handle all the paperwork for you!

Are you curious about the tax you will pay?

Come to our office with your documents and we will calculate your excise tax and advise you!

Is your vehicle damaged?

We will make an appointment for you with an appraiser who will perform the necessary opinion and calculate the value of your vehicle in its damaged state!

Are you late in filing your excise tax return with the government?

We will draft the appropriate letter and request for exemption from the mandate!

Did you import a vehicle from the UK before Brexit?

We will file the appropriate forms so that you will pay the excise duty alone without vat and duty in accordance with the regulations!

Did you receive an excise tax summons from a few months/years ago?

A bunch of our specialists will take care of your case!

Is your case particularly hard?

For us, nothing is impossible, and we will find a way out of any situation!
We operate all over the country!

Are you far from us?

Take a look at the download tab, print and fill out the required powers of attorney and send them back to our office address in the original along with the documents! We will arrange everything remotely!

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Business owner

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